On the western end of the Parish of Tambaram, a land with the building was bought by the efforts of Rev. Fr. Joseph Thyparampill, then Parish Priest of Tambaram. The first Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Devasia M.J converted the building which was used for a soap factory into a Church. The present existing Church was built by Rev. Fr. Cyriac Illimootil in the year 1997.

Ever wondered how Catholic churches outside your neighborhood look and function? You are at the right place. This site is an attempt to bring churches, of different sizes and popularity, to your desktop. Here you will get to know about churches not just in your neighborhood or locality but across India. Apart from all the interesting details ranging from their history to unique qualities to special activities – all presented with colorful pictures, at this site you can also find other interesting features like Dioceses, Library, News and Events, Prayers, Songs, Useful links, and, more importantly, Wallpapers. Also available are contact details and the church official websites in case you want to know more about them.

“Give me the Love that leads the way
The Faith that nothing can dismay
The Hope no disappointments tire
The Passion that’ll burn like fire
Let me not sink to be a clod
Make me Thy fuel, Flame of God,”

It’s all about God’s unrelenting, passionate love for us.  Teaching on, and spreading the awareness of, God’s free Gift of unconditional love. Enjoying our sons and inheritance in Christ; and Encouraging each other in fulfilling God’s amazing destiny for us. We are all generational church and people from diverse ethnic and national backgrounds feel quite at home with us.

Our Church has Sundays kick off with inspiring worship and learning from the Bible, and we close with times of encouraging conversations, laughter, and fun. We also meet mid-week to connect, share, encourage, and grow together as a family. 

Orphanage for poor needy and Crippled children.  Medical evangelism; Free medical service among every poor needy people in and around.

All greetings in the matchless name of our God of Lord Jesus Christ. Our God family of Churches of Christ, working according to the Word of Jesus Christ, where the Bible speak we speak, where the bible silent we are silent.

We hope you’ll have an opportunity to experience ST. JOSEPH’S CHURCH of Christ as a place where you will be accepted as you are and challenged to grow in our God of Lord Jesus Christ. Please know we will stand with you. 

The essence of our Organization is quite simple to accept people where they are and challenge them to grow in Christ.

ST. JOSEPH’S CHURCH, Parish of tambaram of Christ is made up of people from different religious, and cultural backgrounds, but all claim common ground in their conviction that life to its fullest is experienced through an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ….


The church board meetings as a guide to the church board members throughout the meeting in progress. If you do not have an agenda sheet, you and the other meeting attendants (church board members) can get easily sidetracked by other discussions resulting in a very prolonged, unorganized, and boring meeting.

St. joseph’s church Member are used to have every member attending the meeting to sign. This document is saved along with the other meeting documents as proof of who attended the meeting along with the date and time.

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