Our Vision

In a world where the media tells people they’re not good, beautiful, or successful enough, we at Power house aim to let people know they matter. We strive to create a space for people to come as they are and find love, encouragement and meaning in life. Believing that we as followers of Jesus ought to move outwards – into the world – we observe and respond to what’s happening around us. Our community also longs to show people that God has a plan and purpose for their lives.

Our Values


Religion is often linked to pretentiousness. But being non-religious, we aim to let people feel accepted without forcing them to first wear an ‘acceptable’ mask. There’s no pressure to perform, so feel free to join as we explore Christ’s teachings in a non-threatening, grace-filled atmosphere. 


With our tag line being ‘Where people matter’, we seek to create strong, impactful relationships where people know they are loved and needed. We’re more of a family than a pious congregation – we live life together, help each other, and ensure we have loads of fun!.


We believe not just in keeping up with Chanhes., but pioneering them. Using the arts, technology and innovative ideas, we constantly find new ways to infuse the unchanging Word of God into our ever-changing lives.



Life isn’t meant to be compartmentalized into the ‘sacred’ and ‘secular’. Believing that all we think, say and do ought to reflect Christ himself, we’re willing to stand for what’s true and what liberates, even if it’s not what’s popular. Our faith shapes the way we live, work and play.

Reaching out

The church isn’t a building, but a group of people instructed to spread the Good News. Sometimes through words, sometimes through actions and sometimes through silence, we help bring healing into a world desperately trying to numb the pain.  In practice, this looks like campaigning against injustice, empowering the needy, or just lending a listening ear.


At Powerhouse, there’s no barrier between the clergy and laity. Everyone has a part to play as we discover our God-given talents as individuals and as a community. We encourage and equip each other to serve better, to pass on what we learn, and to be a part of God’s big plan.

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